Blo Karts are an environmentally-friendly activity which, while being highly enjoyable, produces no noise, pollution or damage to its surroundings. A blo kart is a wind-propelled craft which operates on land. It looks like a long, thin, three-wheeled buggy with enough room for one person to sit inside and a sail attached to make it move.

Blo Karting is a fast and exciting activity for ages 8+, with a world speed record of 116mph! The average blow cart that are used reach speeds of about 20 mph.

Blo Karting normally takes places on large open areas of land where there is a minimum number of obstructions and as far away from other site users as possible. Beaches, some parks and some airfields are ideal.


Kent Scouts own a fleet of Blo-Karts . Please contact the Activities Team to find out how you can have fun sailing on land.


There are a couple of ways to have ago or get involved as an Instructor.


1.Book one of our free adult evening sessions to learn how to use them and then hire the equipment from us to take back to your group. It makes a great evening of fun or the highlight of any District day.


2.You could book and have one of the Team come and run the evening, or day for you.


To find out more, book a training session or book for our Team to bring the activity to your Group or event please contact :