The Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme is designed to show that all those leading adventurous activities for young people within Scouting have the skills, experience and personal suitability to do so.


It is designed so that it can be tailored to be as flexible as possible, while at the same time providing a robust checking process for leaders in adventurous activities. The permit should be seen as an enabling device to show a person’s competence and provide reassurance to parents of the young people.


There are two main types of climbing both with varying degrees of difficulty and technical requirements, they are:


1. Artificial Walls


2. Natural Rock


Both have different levels of Permit available. Please contact the Climbing Team to discuss options and your requirements.

How does the scheme work?


The person who grants a permit is your responsible Commissioner. This will be your District Commissioner if you have a Group or District appointment, and your County Commissioner if you have a County appointment.


A responsible Commissioner can only grant a permit on the recommendation of an Approved Assessor. To fulfil this role Kent Scouts have appointed County Assessors for many of the adventurous activities but where we are unable to provide an Assessor it is possible for the Activities Team to liase with or invite Assessors from other Counties or suitably qualified External Assessors.


The Approved Assessor will provide the responsible Commissioner with a recommendation based on either a practical assessment based on the relevant Assessment Checklist (in most cases), or through looking at the qualifications, logged experience and past permits of an Applicant.


A permit is time limited up to a maximum of five years at which point it expires. If you wish to continue leading the activity for young people you will need to apply for a new permit. However if the new permit is to exactly the same level as the old permit and you have been active within your activity, there may be no need for a practical assessment. That decision is up to the Approved Assessor.


There are also no age limitations to gaining a permit, so as long as the Applicant has the skills and experience required, it is quite feasible for a young person to gain a permit.


Types Of Permits There are three levels of permit available


1 Personal


These permits allow under 18s to take part in adventurous activities without the need for someone with a leadership or supervisory permit to be present. They can participate with others with personal permits, but can not participate with or lead anyone without a permit.


2 Leadership


These permits allow you to lead an activity for a group of young people. You need to remain with the group throughout the activity.


3 Supervisory


These permits allow you to remotely supervise a number of groups taking part in the activity. Further details of how these permits work for each activity can be found in the factsheet for the specific activity.



What Is Assessed?


There are four areas assessed to gain a permit:


1 Technical Competence


This is assessed by the Approved Assessor and looks at the specific technical skills required to run the activity. It is usually assessed through a practical assessment.


2 Scout Association Rules


This can be assessed by either a County Assessor, or the responsible Commissioner when using an External Assessor. It looks at whether the Applicant is aware of the activity Rules and how they affect the activity within Scouting.


3 Child Protection (not for personal permits)


This will be carried out by the responsible Commissioner and ensures that the necessary Personal Enquiry checks have been carried out and the appropriate child protection training has taken place.


4 Personal Suitability


This is carried out by the responsible Commissioner, often in conjunction with a Group Scout Leader or similar, to check the Applicant is suitable (in terms of attitude) to be leading an adventurous activity for young people.


Please go to the Climbing Team web site to register your interest and the team will support your application and liase with the Assessor Team.