The adventurous activity permit scheme is designed to ensure that only people with the relevant skills and experience lead adventurous activities for the young people. Therefore all activities classed as adventurous can only be lead by someone holding the appropriate permit.


Levels of Permit


There are two levels of permit available for archery. These are:


  • Archery-without compound bows


  • ŸArchery-with compound bows


A compound bow is defined at the end of this page.


Additionally, each of these permits can be further restricted (such as specific locations) to end up with an individual permit to the level of the competence and requirements of any person.


Types of Permit


There are two types of permit available for archery. These are:


  • ŸLeadership – Allows the permit holder to lead archery for four shooters.


  • Supervisory – If you hold a permit to supervise archery then you can supervise up to three groups at a time. You should remain in a position to be able to effectively supervise and assist all shooters. You remain responsible for all the groups you are supervising, but must designate someone with the appropriate skills to be the leader of each group.


When supervising other bows the holder of an Archery supervisory permit needs to designate a leader for each three bows.This designation lasts only for the current activity while the permit holder is supervising.People designated as leaders should hold the skills and be responsible to keep the activity safe for the environment they are in. and it can be used as a useful development tool.


While maximum group sizes and minimum first aid requirements are defined for archery, this does not mean they are always the most appropriate for each archery activity you run. Depending on your risk assessment for each individual activity it may be decided to lower the maximum party size or require more specific first aid knowledge for certain trips.


Further Definitions


  • Compound bows: A compound bow is a mechanically aided bow. Those leading archery activities should be able to discriminate between a compound bow and a non-compound bow.

  • Shooters: Participants at the line preparing to, or engaging in shooting..


Archery GB Award Holders


If you already hold the relevant qualification and just need a technical recommendation by an assessor please fill in the assessment request form HERE and send it to the address at the top of the form. An assessor will review your request or get in contact with you regarding a practical assessment if required (level dependant). When submitting your request form please also send a copy of your Award Certificate and any relevant evidence (log book).