Power Kiting


Power kiting - converting wind into grins, and getting muddy in style!

Power Kiting is an adrenaline sport - not a calm, relaxed activity. It features large kites, which harness the power of the wind to generate significant pull to the user. This is great fun - a real workout! It can also be used to propel the user around the field... scudding on feet, standing on a mountain board, or sitting in a three-wheeled buggy.


Kent Scouts Power Kite Activities Team provide Power Kite flying experiences for young people - offering the ultimate in adrenaline rushes available to everyone from Cub age upwards!



Activity Format


The Power Kite Activities Team offers three formats of power kiting activity, all run by our team of experienced instructors:


  • 2 hour introductory experience - spend 2 hours learn the basics of flying power kites. We'll give you a great introduction to the sport, and you'll leave us as a competent kite pilot. This is well suited to inclusion as part of a camp programme - our record is flying 250 youngsters over a weekend.


  • 4 hour enhanced session - 4 hours of intensive tuition will take you from complete novice to kite master! Starting from scratch, first of all we'll get your kite flying technique mastered so you've complete complete control of your kite. We'll then progress onto larger and larger kites, producing more and more power, and aim to give you your first taster of buggying at the end of the afternoon.


  • 6 hour intensive tuition - 6 hours of intensive tuition will take you from complete novice to budding buggy pilot! Starting from scratch, we'll get your kite flying technique mastered in the morning. The afternoon will progress into onto buggies and mountainboards, and you'll be whizzing around the field by the end of the day.


We run our events as exclusive sessions just for your troop / unit. Recruit a minimum of 10 members (maximum 16) and we'll arrange a date to give you our undivided attention. If you're opting for the introductory experience sessions, please aim to book at least two sessions in a day to make it worth our while.


You'll note our maximum number of participants for any one session is 16. Just to clarify: if you have more than that, no problem; just opt for two (or more) consecutive Introductory Experience sessions on the same day.


Target Audience


The 2-hour introductory session is aimed at Cubs and older, and is an ideal activity for inclusion as part of your camp programme.

The 4 Hour Enhanced Session is aimed at Scouts, and the 6 Hour Intensive Tuition is aimed at Explorers and Network. We find that younger participants get rather exhausted rather quickly!




There are a number of locations that we regularly use - Capstone Country Park in Gillingham, Bartons Point in Sheppey, Blackheath in Greenwich, Essex Kite Park in Southend-on-Sea and Greatstone and Camber beaches.


However, we're completely mobile and will happily come to a venue near you. All we need is a large grass field, at least 200 metres square, with no obstacles and no surrounding trees. Country parks, large playing fields and farmers fields are often ideal. We'll happily conduct a site survey in advance to check suitability.




2016 prices - no increase


  • Introductory Experience is £10 per head.

  • Enhanced 4 hour Session is £15 per head.

  • Full Day's Tuition is £20 per head.


If you are booking a number of 2 hour sessions for inclusion as part of your camp programme, we are happy to discuss costs on an individual basis.


Next Steps


Drop a message to the Activities Power Kite Team to arrange a power kiting event for your Group.


Alternatively email us directly at kites@kentscouts.org.uk.


Life After Your First Session...


Already flown with us, mastered the basics, and want to progress further?


Like our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter ( @flyscout )

to find out when we're next going flying and join us for a blast!


Really getting into it?


We'd love to have you along as an Instructor to help us put grins on the faces of more young people. This opportunity is aimed at Explorer age upwards. contact us to find out more!