Powerboating is a sport activity using open boats powered by an engine.


They require skill and knowledge to master and come in all sizes and shapes, and can have petrol or diesel engines.


They can be small tenders or safety boats for sailing or rafting, or can carry passengers for rides. They can attain speeds of 25 knots (about 30 MPH)!


Kent Scouts own four powerboats that are used for safety cover at events, and are available for use in Group or District run events and programme.


They are all on road trailers and come with all relevant safety equipment for B3 class waters.


Please contact the Watersport Adventure Team for more details on using the Kent Scout craft.


There are several courses pre-arranged for you, where you can take part and have a go or learn to skipper a boat. If you wish to organise your own event then we can help you plan and prepare.


What does it cost?


Each boat can be hired for £25 per day*. You will need to replace fuel used, oil is supplied. Typically, a tank is 22 litres, and may use upto 8 litres an hour depending upon speed and load.


The skipper must hold a Powerboat Permit for the intended waters. If you do not have a permit, then we have instructors who can skipper the boat for you, or you can attend a course of instruction.


To have a go or find out more about this great activity please contact the Watersport Adventure Team.


The team also provide training and assessing for those requiring a permit to deliver the sport or for on the water rescue work in support of water activities.